Marketing and distribution of medical products


  • Marketing & Commercial Strategy
  • Pricing & Market Access 
  • Distribution & Sales

Our core marketing competencies:

  1. develop an entire product marketing action plan and see it through to success;
  2. assess the viability of a product’s lifecycle in the market, line extensions and other strategic product initiatives;
  3. in-depth analysis of market conditions and current trends.

All these actions can be supported by our innovative solutions tailored for pharmaceuticals’ and medical devices’ marketing in full compliance with the corporate culture and values of our partner. This is indeed the most important prerequisite for successful implementation of a new strategy in new markets.

ARSMEDA features a client-oriented approach in cooperation with the international logistic companies, drugstore nets, medical devices (equipment) state and private purchasers, hospitals and medical community.
Due to development of lasting partner relations based upon mutual trust and respect, ARSMEDA helps increase the efficiency of the business process’ stakeholders at all product promotion stages – from manufacturing down to end users.

We combine our breadth of commercial capabilities with profound expertise across a broad range of therapeutics to help partners and maximize the commercial potential and value of specific product’s assets and resources throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The team has worked across almost all pharmaceutical and therapy areas and consumer healthcare market segments. ARSMEDA’s expertise spans all critical functions needed to support the infrastructure, i.e. strategic and operational marketing, sales management, pricing, regulatory compliance, distributor/logistics management, and financial controlling. 

Should you select us as your partners, you will always have up-to-date information regarding the state of business at any stage.